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Are you getting tired of mopping up the same behavioral problems over and over again?  At reportbullying.com our focus is on behavioral solutions. Our proactive focus is on the behavior of the bystanders in bullying situations.


“We can help you do that important and complicated work that you are required to do. Working with us we will make your job easier. Working with us will ensure that you are complying to the State/Ministry/District mandates and legal requirements.”


We have put together a school wide anti bullying school assemblies for all ages starting at the primary level to high school. Bullying is a community problem so we also offer keynote presentations for teachers, parents and the community at large.


Our team along with anti bullying expert Jim Jordan has integrated  character education exercises that promotes kindness, communication, cooperation, and friendship and includes  lessons and activities stressing empathy and conflict resolution skills for all students. 

Schools that use the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program or have a Board Approved Program already in place but need a speaker to kick off their program, our anti bullying school assemblies are perfect for that need.



Report Bullying proactive anti bullying program and school assemblies were created by team of professionals and the material has been endorsed by teachers, principals and superintendents all across Canada and the United States.

Report Bullying System
Kim Clark has been a Registered Social Worker & facilitator for over 25 years.  We are pleased to announce that she has joined up with ReportBullying.com bringing her top quality trainer expertise and valuable knowledge in social and community development.

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Stop bullying or other inappropriate behaviors before they have the chance to develop.  Get all educators on board to become proactive versus reactive!


We have designed this system so the Principal, V.P and Superintendent can find out where and when the bullying is occurring. We also have designed this program to send alerts to follow up with the bully, victim and bystander.


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Teachers have a key role to play when it comes to understanding how to

recognize bullying and the importance of documenting and following up.

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Teacher Training
Having a follow up program is crucial to the success of any anti bullying program. Our team has developed an easy step by step program to help you along. Within a short period of time you’ll have the complete program set up in your school.
Every month there are new exercises and tools to aid teachers in educating their students and creating a safe school environment.
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Offer other solutions for your students to report bullying. We offer an online reporting system so your students can report bullying and cyber bullying directly from the comfort of their own homes.
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Parents need to be on board when it comes to reducing bullying. We'll teach parents about bullying and how their behavior may cause bullying at their child’s school.
Our content is Rich, Powerful and Proactive. (Keynotes approx. 70 minutes)


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Jim Jordan
Author (4 books)
Anti Bullying Expert
 Certified by the Dept of Health and Human Services, The Mental Health Academy, St. Johns Ambulance & Quest Education Systems
-Stomp Out Bullying
-Bullying Canada
-Stand up 2 bullying - Red Cross
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