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Bullying – It’s a community problem

One day two giraffes were talking.   One giraffe said to the other giraffe, “Why do we have such long necks?”  The second giraffe replied, “So we can reach the leaves at the top of trees.”   Still curious, the giraffe asked, “Why do we have such long legs?”    His fellow giraffe friend answered; “so we can […]


Teacher’s approach – Intervene bullying

Review your own school’s policies and procedures.  The following is a general overview of multiple schools’ policies and procedures to use as a guide if you choose: A teacher’s approach on witnessing bullying }  Intervene immediately – your safety first. }  Show no emotion. }  Use professional body language. }  Don’t give the bully an […]


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Anti bullying strategic planning for school boards

   If you decide to drive down to Ohio, what would you do? Will you just get up one fine morning, sit in the car and start driving? Or would you put thought into planning the trip? I think most of us when posed with this question will tend to pick up the second option. […]