Monthly Archives: March 2014

Does zero tolerance work for anti bullying programs

In today’s schools we find many elementary schools using the zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. By putting the strong hand down and not tolerating bullying in any way seems like the right approach. Parents seem to be happy that schools say no to any bullying that maybe occurring at their child’s school. […]

Teacher intervention – Bullying in schools

From the National Education Society they have found that 98% of teachers believe it is their duty to intervene , document and follow up with bullying incidences. The fact is that less than 50% of teachers are properly trained to deal with bullying. I have attached a YouTube video to help teachers and parents deal […]

Impotance of anti bullying committies

I had the great opportunity of speaking in Sioux Lookout just north of Thunder bay Ontario this week. This school was a first Nations school. The students were so polite and excited about reducing bullying in their school. I have been at this school on three other occasions and the last two times when I […]

Toronto schools combating anti bullying problems

I’m here in the eastern part of Toronto where I’ll be speaking to 4 middle schools and 2 high schools about how to become proactive in reducing bullying. What I like the most is how excited they are to implement our anti bullying program. It is critical to have follow up after an assembly to […]