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Cyber Bullying are your kids safe?

A person (especially a minor) with whimsical attitude and lots of venom filled against another kid, teen, or individual of their age, they do not look what is the medium, but try to vent out their annoyance. Being physical and vocal is retro; individuals have taken up a new medium called “Cyber” or “internet” to […]


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has become a widespread crime across the globe. Age or gender is not an obstacle, neither there are boundaries for cyber bullying. Hideous criminals are finding new ways to commit an offence. The victims could be known or unknown persons. The reasons for wrongdoing could be many like ransom amount, personal grudge, or […]

The Neutral and Negitive Side of Discipline

Neutral side To ensure that your students have understood their instructions about the schools policies and procedures, pick a few students at random and ask them one by one to demonstrate his/her understanding of the instructions. You will be able to understand whether the guidelines have been properly communicated to them.   Negative side What […]

Positive side of Discipline – Teachers

Positive Discipline As a teacher, when you instruct your students on a procedure or a policy and later learn that the students have not done what you instructed them to do, how would you react? Hand out punishment, or, try to analyze why they did not do what they were asked to do. When I […]

TEACHERS – What is Discipline? part 3

Principles of Discipline What is discipline? When this question is asked, most people tend to answer that “discipline” is enforcing a certain set of rules in order to correct behavior or handing out punishment when behavior is out of order. Most of us tend to believe in discipline as reacting to negative behavior. We forget […]