Student Tracking System

Itís simple, it's efficient, it's a powerful tool to aid in reducing bad behavior.


Each school will have their own user name and password.

Only your school principal, V.P or superintendent will be able to see your reports.

Safe and confidential.

$99.00 for the first year

$299.00 every year after

Discounts for multiple schools

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At we have developed a bullying, bad behavior and good character  tracking system. This tracking system was designed to aid in your schools policies and procedures.


This tracking system will allow teachers to go online to fill out a report on bullying, bad behavior and good character.

When the form is complete the system will add each incident into each studentís folder.


If your teacher reports bullying they'll receive alerts to follow up with the bully, victim and bystanders.

Now the principal or superintendant can see the behavior of any student, where and when the bullying or bad behavior is occuring and which grade level.



For more information and a video demo click here



Other benefits:


Message system built inside program to communicate with all staff.


Principal receives weekly reports of all behaviors


Superintendant can view all student and school folders


Each school can customize locations, behaviors, school and teacher actions to work with your schools policies and procedures.


Schools have the option of having bus drivers, nurses, crossing guards, police, security staff to report bad behaviors and bullying directly to the principal. They can only report they cannot see any student or staff folders.


This program can be uploaded directly onto your schools server or you can use our secure server. (Our server uses SSL Certificates - Same security that paypal, ebay and any online banking uses - Our server is encrypted)

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