About Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan has been educating and
entertaining crowds of children and adults
across the world for the last 20 years. His
signature throughout his career has been
the lasting impression he makes through
his unique and special blend of empathy
and energy.
Jordan's motivational speaking subjects
range from proper business conduct to
workplace safety, but the area of which he
is undoubtedly most passionate about is
In recent years Jordan has been on a one
man crusade to help North American
schools and students tackle the deadly
disease that is bullying. Jordan has
personally assisted hundreds of schools
within the US and Canada implement
intelligent, innovative, and effective antibullying
tools and systems. At these
institutions Jordan has also taken the
stage to deliver his message of hope,
tolerance, and resistance to thousands of
Jordan's assemblies are far from what you'd expect. The last thing he wants to do is bore kids with facts and information that they'll forget as soon as the next bell rings. That's why Jordan mixes elements into his talks to ensure kids are engaged, excited,
and on their toes. These talks are a riot, filled with game show style quizzes and even magic. Jordan actually started out as a magician and light entertainer, a career which earned him prestigious "Best Entertainer" awards for 12 years in a row, so he knows how to hold a crowd whether he wants them laughing or in deep contemplation.
Jordan is enthusiastic, creative, and a really funny guy. However, he is also ferocious when it comes to getting people, specifically adults, to get serious about bullying and take steps to prevent the loss of young life that, as of late, has darkened North American society tremendously.
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